Germain Burton photo shoot for Urban Hill Climb Program

Germain Burton photo shoot for Urban Hill Climb Program
Posted on July 15, 2011 by caspar

For this years UHC we have partnered with Speak Media to create a beautiful and informative program. One of the articles in the program will be an interview with last years second place rider (winner of the youth category) Germain Burton. Today I have been ferrying Germain, much to the chagrin of his father Maurice who runs De Ver Cycles where Germain works, from Streatham to Mile End and back. The reason for this journey was to get him shot by the best photographer in my family and one of the best portraiture and music photographers in the country Tom Oldham.

To prove this I am going to blog shots by one of the worst photographers and photographic assistants in my family…

Germain was fantastic all the way through, even when I made him ride up a steep grassy bank on his road racing bike in racing shoes.

Germain displaying his untapped CX talent

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